Jessica Fox, Senior Technical Executive; Electric Power Research Institute
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Jessica Fox, Senior Technical Executive; Electric Power Research Institute

Jessica Fox, Senior Technical Executive; Electric Power Research Institute

Jessica Fox is a Program Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), where she leads efforts on water quality trading, ecosystem services, sustainability and related work. Ms. Fox is a thought leader on environmental credit stacking, water quality trading, and species conservation banking. Ms. Fox created and manages the EPRI Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project, which is the world's first interstate trading program for nutrients. Under Ms. Fox's leadership, the project has addressed critical social, scientific, and economic issues and become a model project in the United States ( Her projects on ecosystem services focus on creating a business case for considering ecosystem services in day-to-day corporate decision making, including using models, costbenefit considerations, and executive perspectives. Ms. Fox also leads EPRI's Energy Sustainability Interest Group, a collaborative forum for electric power company sustainability managers to strategically advance critical issues related to the sustainable generation and distribution of electricity; this effort includes over 40 electric utilities and is the largest collective group in the industry addressing sustainability.


Ms. Fox has hosted and facilitated numerous workshops and has authored or coauthored over 40 reports and other publications. She is a trained meeting facilitator and conflict resolution mediator, a Certified Ecologist by the United States Ecological Society of America, and a Certified Habitat Steward by the National Wildlife Federation. She also interacts with a wide variety of energy and environmental stakeholders, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and environmental groups, among many others.


Ms. Fox's scientific background in conservation genetics, sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, human genome mapping and sequencing, and molecular biology laboratory techniques provide strong scientific foundations for understanding complex environmental challenges and innovative methods for addressing them. Scientific credibility combined with proven success at teambuilding, conflict resolution, and fundraising allows Ms. Fox to execute complex, multifaceted projects.



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